Appeal for more CCTV cameras

At about 3am on Monday 13th April in a police chase, a Volvo crashed through two of our gates and into our front barn going around 90mph according to the police! Luckily it hit the main beam so no sheep were harmed. A couple of meters either side and the car would have ploughed into the sheep! The occupants of the Volvo ran through our barns into the back fields and made their way to the next village.

The CCTV is essential and we would really like to add more CCTV cameras around our sanctuary to cover all of our ‘blind spots’. Please consider donating to enable us to purchase more CCTV cameras during this already tough time!

We urge all our supporters to take care of themselves during this stressful time. Thank you all so much for your support and we will keep you updated.


Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary is based in Warwickshire, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. A few miles from Stratford-Upon-Avon, this wonderful animal sanctuary was established single-handedly by Carole Webb in 1988. Woolly Park is currently home to more than 400 farm animals, however, at its peak, Carole cared for over 800 animals at one time.


The animals residing at the sanctuary come from far and wide, having arrived in various states of health, many having been rescued from dreadful cruelty and, or poor living conditions. Some are well loved pets, whose owners, due to unforeseen circumstances can no longer  care for them, whilst others have escaped the horrendous Live Export Trade. These though, are the lucky few, who are fortunate to land at the doorstep of  Woolly Park, greeted by Carole with open, loving arms.  Sadly, the majority are left to cope, for as the need to profit increases, so man’s compassion lessens and the victims continue to suffer. Whether they are exhausted cull ewes that have been forced to breed beyond any capacity that nature intended, or animals badly injured due to careless and rapid loading onto ill-designed transporters, these animals have suffered a lot and they deserve the peace they now enjoy. 
These emotionally, intelligent creatures are too often dismissed as stupid and worthless and yet they show remarkable affection and gentleness once their fear has been dispelled. They are also equally capable of forming loving bonds with human beings, just like any householdpet.




Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a safe and peaceful environment where rescued animals can remain for the rest of their lives. Veterinary care and medication is provided as required and all animals in our care are constantly monitored to ensure their good health and well being. We never implement euthanasia unless it is advised by our vet as a total necessity.


Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary is managed by founder Carole Webb, as a non-profit organisation. To ensure the needs of the animals are taken care of, and to guarantee the continual upkeep of the sanctuary, we have two workers, who alongside many enthusiastic volunteers help Carole with some of the more arduous tasks. With hundreds of animals in our care and a progressive, ongoing plan to upgrade and improve the facilities at Woolly Park, our annual and monthly running costs are very high.

We are solely dependant on the support and generosity of a sympathetic public to help fund the sanctuary. Our continual work in caring and reaching out to farm animals in need of help is at this present time ceaseless. The treatment of other living beings for profit and gain has to be one of the greatest immoralities of this century, however, we know through the power social media has given to the masses, many are waking up to the evil truths behind the food industry and taking action through a change in their diets, signing petitions and protests. We also know, because of the increase in rescues, saving animals from the torrid lives they are being forced to live, or the slaughter they would have to face, sometimes at less than three months old. Our commitment to  protecting  farm animals and raising awareness to the many issues linked to their welfare, is the sanctuary’s overriding objectives, but, once again, it is only through the ongoing kindness, charity and goodness of Woolly Park’s supporters. We run a tight ship at the sanctuary, united in one goal, to assist Carole Webb in her life long devotion and relentless pursuit in helping these defenceless creatures.

There are numerous ways in which to help Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, including joining our ADOPTION scheme, donating to our latest JUST GIVING Covid-19 appeal and buying one of the gifts from our AMAZON WISH LIST. Please take a look around our website to find out the different options available, or if you would prefer to make a one off donation please do so below.  Any amount is most welcome and gratefully received.

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