About FARS


Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary is based in Warwickshire, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. A few miles from Stratford-Upon-Avon, this wonderful animal sanctuary was established single-handedly by Carole Webb in 1988. Woolly Park is currently home to more than 400 farm animals, however, at its peak, Carole cared for over 800 animals at one time.


Through both our website, social media pages and sanctuary visits, Farm Animal Rescue hope to dispel the myth that farm animals lack intelligence and have little emotions. We truly believe by sharing the wonderful, quirky and varied personalities of our rescued animals, we can change hearts and minds.
Over the coming months and years, our aim is to raise awareness diplomatically to the endless issues linked with the present welfare of farm animals. Through our own campaigns, site visits, events and educational talks we hope to make a difference, being a voice for these sentient beings, who have been deemed worthless for far too long.
Woolly Park is home to over 400 rescue farm animals, but this is a mere drop in the ocean, there are still millions and millions, who so desperately need our voice.


Over the years Carole’s incredible selfless lifestyle has stirred the hearts of many, including Labour politician, author and journalist Roy Hattersley. Below is a snapshot of ┬áthe press articles detailing Carole Webb’s compassionate journey.