Nero The Calf Arrives!

Welcome Nero!

We would like to introduce you to the latest addition to the sanctuary – Nero!

Nero is the first calf at FARS and he is already settling in really well. He was rescued by two animal lovers from a petting farm where he would’ve been sent to slaughter very soon. We were able to give Nero a safe home with us.

A massive thank you to those wonderful people who rescued him, and a huge thank to the amazing Heather Mills who has kindly funded Nero’s food for the next 6 months. This wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you.

If you would like to donate to Nero’s upkeep here at his new home, you can visit our donate page or click the button below

Two Little Fighters

Little Larry & Little Johnny

(Two little fighters ready to take on the world!)

It’s that time of year. Lambing season. It’s a harrowing thought to think most of these precious little babies will not live to see their first birthday. Born in the spring, wrenched from their mummies and sent to the abattoir for slaughter.

A few of these innocent creatures are fortunate to be brought to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Generally, they have slight defects, such as wonky legs, blindness, or maybe premature (not expected to survive). But these are the lucky lambs, who could live well into their teens!

This year though, we have two little fighters, who have much more than a slight defect.



Meet Little Larry, bright as a button, but has sadly been diagnosed with spina bifida. We want to give this little baby boy every chance and although an operation is possible, it will have no effect. We have been advised though that Little Larry has the strength to use a wheeled cart. This will then enable him to walk.

We cannot determine how many years little Larry will be blessed with, no one knows, but isn’t it right that all lives are precious?

Meet Little Johnny, again a plucky little fellow. His leg is so severely broken, the only option left available to us to ensure he survives and has a quality of life, is amputation. His operation was quickly scheduled, and was a huge success!

These two little fighters will obviously need extra care, attention and medication. If you could donate to Little Larry & Little Johnny’s Appeal, no matter how small, it will help Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary with the additional costs required.

Thank you so much for your love and support for Little Larry and Little Johnny.  You can make a one-off donation in several ways, via our PayPal link below,  by  donating direct into our bank account – (HSBC 40-24-45, account number 40009830) or by sending a cheque made payable to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Postal address – Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, Woolly Park Farm, Saddlebow Lane, Wolverton, Warwickshire CV37 0HQ.

All Lives Are Precious!

Meet Bambi few weeks ago, a ewe was brought to the sanctuary. She was in such poor condition and extremely thin. Obviously malnourished and in desperate need of treatment, Carole and the team began the slow process of healing this poor sentient being. Naming her Daffodil, after a few days of TLC, food and veterinary care, she began to venture out with the rest of the rescued sheep to graze. A sudden panic rushed over one of our volunteers when she noticed Daffodil had collapsed in the field. The team feared the worst and rushed out to carry her back to the barn. Carole and the team did everything they could, while calling for the sanctuary’s vet.
Just a few hours later though, everyone at Woolly Park Farm had such a surprise. Daffodil gave birth to a baby lamb. No one could have predicted such an outcome. Daffodil had arrived at Woolly Park Farm in a very bad way, but also carrying a lamb that no one knew about. Neither would have survived if Daffodil hadn’t been brought to the sanctuary.
It’s been touch and go for mother and her child named Bambi, but we are hoping both will now continue to thrive. This is why Carole and her small team need to continue their amazing work. Abused and unwanted farm animals like Daffodil and Bambi desperately need FARS Warwickshire.
If you are able to make a donation, no matter how small, please do – and thank you so much for your continued support!

‘Little’ George and Penny arrive! week we welcomed two new piggies to the FARS family – ‘Little’ George and Penny! Due to illness, the owner of their previous sanctuary had to downsize. It was a heart-breaking decision for her to make, but now they have found a forever home with us. Come and meet them at our open day April 20th – 21st, or donate towards their upkeep.