Leave a Legacy


An extremely sensitive subject, one which for all of us is not an easy task to broach. Who we choose to remember in our will is not only immensely difficult, but also one of the most personal decisions we will probably ever make.

By pledging a gift in your will for Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, this will ensure your support for the animals in our care will live on.

Carole Webb, founder of Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary pledged almost thirty-five years ago, to dedicate her life to abused and unwanted farm animals. Since this time, she has taken under her wing and nurtured hundreds of animals, largely sheep, but also pigs, goats, chickens and turkeys, many of which live until their senior years at Woolly Park Farm.

If like Carole, you want to make a difference for farm animals, leaving a gift in your will for Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary would not only help to secure our commitment to the animals in our care, but also our determination through ongoing projects to change hearts and minds about the misconception of farm animals intelligence and emotions.

If you would like to speak to someone with regard to leaving a legacy, please call Carole Webb on 07984 399617, or email info@farmanimalrescuesanctuary.org.uk

Thank you.