Nibbles, Squiggles & Toodles

NEW –  The lovely trio – Nibbles, Squiggles & Toodles

Nibbles, Squiggles and Toodles were only 4 weeks old when they arrived at a school farm in March 2016. They were originally on loan for educational purposes, being bottle fed by the children. Once they were ready to go out to grass, the lovely trio were supposed to be returned to the farmer. Thing was, their owners fell head over heels in love with them. We can understand why – they were such cuties!

Toodles has the black face. She is the only female, but with the deepest baa!

Nibbles has the patchy face. He’s the most affectionate and will love to get close to you if he can.

Squiggles has the plain face and is the largest of the three.

They are all much bigger now, but still very loving. They do like biscuit treats, so if you decide to adopt and visit, please don’t forget to bring some with you!

When you adopt Nibbles, Squiggles & Toodles, or any of our animals on the adoption list you will receive

   • A  certificate with a personal message from your adopted animals.

   • A photograph of your adopted animals.

   • All Lives are Precious postcard.

   • An invitation to visit your adopted animals between mid-April/to mid-Sept. Please book your visit by emailing

   • A warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you are helping Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary continue with their incredible work, protecting and caring for rescued farm animals 

Adoption packages cost just £30.00 for 12 months!
(Your adoption pack postage is inclusive)
Credit/Debit card payments are accepted via a secure Paypal online transaction. There is no additional cost to yourself for using Paypal.
Alternatively, you can send your adoption payment cheque/postal order to us by post.


Pay Now – Full 12 months payment of £30.00

You can visit the lovely trio between the months of mid-April to mid-September. Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary is based in Wolverton (Stratford Upon Avon), Warwickshire. Please contact Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary via email to arrange an appointment.- Contact us here