Meet Bambi few weeks ago, a ewe was brought to the sanctuary. She was in such poor condition and extremely thin. Obviously malnourished and in desperate need of treatment, Carole and the team began the slow process of healing this poor sentient being. Naming her Daffodil, after a few days of TLC, food and veterinary care, she began to venture out with the rest of the rescued sheep to graze. A sudden panic rushed over one of our volunteers when she noticed Daffodil had collapsed in the field. The team feared the worst and rushed out to carry her back to the barn. Carole and the team did everything they could, while calling for the sanctuary’s vet.
Just a few hours later though, everyone at Woolly Park Farm had such a surprise. Daffodil gave birth to a baby lamb. No one could have predicted such an outcome. Daffodil had arrived at Woolly Park Farm in a very bad way, but also carrying a lamb that no one knew about. Neither would have survived if Daffodil hadn’t been brought to the sanctuary.
It’s been touch and go for mother and her child named Bambi, but we are hoping both will now continue to thrive. This is why Carole and her small team need to continue their amazing work. Abused and unwanted farm animals like Daffodil and Bambi desperately need FARS Warwickshire.
If you are able to make a donation, no matter how small, please do – and thank you so much for your continued support!