Privacy Policy

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Welcome to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary, based in Warwickshire (Shakespeare country), is a wonderful animal sanctuary established single handedly by Carole Webb in 1988. It is currently home to more than 480 farm animals and at its peak, Carole has cared for over 800 animals at one time.

Our Resident Animals

The animals residing at the sanctuary come from far and wide arriving in various states of health, many having been rescued from dreadful cruelty and/or poor living conditions. Some of our animals have escaped the horrendous “Live Export Trade”. A lucky few have found their way to Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary but the unfortunate majority are left to cope, for as the need to profit increases so man’s compassion lessens and the victims continue to suffer. Whether they be exhausted cull ewes that have been forced to breed beyond any capacity that nature intended, or animals badly injured due to careless and rapid loading onto ill designed transporters, these animals have suffered a lot and they deserve the peace they now enjoy. Creatures which are too often dismissed as stupid and worthless, show remarkable intelligence and gentleness once you’ve dispelled their fear.

Our Mission

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary’s mission is to provide a safe and peaceful environment, where rescued animals can remain for the rest of their lives. Veterinary care and medication is provided as required and all animals in our charge are constantly monitored to ensure their good health and well being. We never implement euthanasia unless it is advised by our vet as a total necessity.

Our Target

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary is managed by founder Carole Webb as a non-profit organisation and will always remain as such. All time is volunteered, no wages to pay, no offices to maintain – every penny goes to our animals to feed, shelter and provide medical care.

Our running costs however, are very high and we have to rely upon a sympathetic public to help fund the sanctuary. Our membership may be small but their loyalty is unmatched. For several years, we have achieved part funding through our animal adoption scheme which has become a popular gift item among our supporters, their friends and our website visitors, but we still suffer a huge shortfall.

Ultimately, our most important TARGET must be to secure a monthly income to enable us to continue our good work and safeguard the haven we have provided for these animals.

If you would like to help our sanctuary, please give donation HERE. Any size gift is most welcome and gratefully received. Thank you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]